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Welcome to
OddLlama Productions

OddLlama Productions is very small. In fact, it consists of a single person (me)! You have reached my website. OddLlama Productions makes games, music, video, and digital art.
You can contact me at my contact page.
Sample oddness of the llama
Here are some sample things you may find on OddLlama Productions!

See some featured art below!
See more art at my Image/Art Gallery (click here to visit)!
(more sample stuff coming soon)
(coming soon)
(coming soon)
[J] Java. Will work on most computers.
[JS] Javascript. Works on virtually anything with a web browser. (But some don't work on Internet Explorer 8. If you use IE8, get a better web browser.)
[F] Flash. Will work on almost all computers.
[T] Plaintext/simple things. Will work virtually everywhere.

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Main Website Portal

Here is the main website portal. It contains links to everything you'll need. This website is very new, so there isn't much. I will be constantly adding more.

See left sidebar for legend!

[J] Llama World (discontinued)
[JS] Llamas in the Lake
[F] Stick Figure Game
[JS] Llama Exploration Game
Toys/Things to play around with
[JS] Terrain Generation
[JS] Chaos
[T] The Belgian Waffle Incident
[T] My Music
[T] My Videos
[T] My YouTube Videos
[T] Stick People Of Fruit (SPOF)!
My Profile on Stack Exchange:
[T] profile for Doorknob at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers
[T] profile for Doorknob on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites


Domain name change to, blog, support and feedback system, better ads, and more coming soon! (some time this month probably)
Web design improvements soon. (it's a really sloppy site now because I'm trying to add a lot of content.) Content upgrades and site upgrades will happen soon.

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